Tangier Room

The Tangier room has the same thin, plank wood floors as the Perdicaris room, but the flooring runs in the direction from the door to the restrooms at the back, perpendicular to the Perdicaris room. Bright, pink/salmon walls cover the entire room with off-white crown molding separating the ceiling from the walls. Thick, grey rubber baseboards for practical and easy cleaning uses wrap around the perimeter. Windows start at about three feet above the finished floor and are roughly 4’x4’. One crystal chandelier hangs in the center of the room with a medallion detailing. The restroom door on the west wall and the windows on the south wall are outlined with white trim to match the wainscoting in the Perdicaris room. The two chairs and one four legged side table are finished with wood, and cloth cushions for the chairs. Across the room on the north wall there sits a long wooden display case, again, similar to the one under the “Arab Groom and Horse” painting. There is another Moroccan rug in the center of the room. This one is slightly smaller than the one in the Pedicaris room, but it has similar shapes and colors. The most notable thing about this room is the statement that the bright pink paint color brings. The next thing one might notice while touring this small room is the abundant amount of picture frames with beautiful hand drawn artwork.

In plan the room is roughly a square shape with only one entrance coming off the Perdicaris room. The side opposite the wide entrance way is a regular sized single door that leads to the women’s and men’s restroom. The room also includes one historic radiator to the left of the entryway. Looking up at the ceiling there hangs one chandelier in the center of the room. There is one antique four-legged table and one antique brass floor lamp in the room. More lighting enters from the two windows on the south wall, which also helps filter light into the room.

While assessing the Tangier room and what needs to be refinished and restored, most everything in this room looks like it has been worked on fairly recently. The floors may need refinished, and it appears that there is some water damage around the window frames. This could be fixed by installing new flooring, but of the same kind, or refinishing the wood where there may have been damage. The next step in this room would be to update the electric circuits. Currently, most of the outlets and light switches are on the exterior of the walls, which can become hazardous with younger children wandering around.