Service Stair

The service staircase has rich decoration with various texture. The floor is covered by black and white tiles except the top floor is covered by red tile. Each stair is covered by wood planes at the edge. The handrail is made by wood with steel vertical support. Each landing for the staircase has a white frame window to enable enough daylight can come through the stairwell. From the bottom to the top, each corner of the staircase is made into a vaulted shape with white finishing. At the bottom, the passageway separates into two direction to the both sides of the house. The whole space is covered with cold color, but with dark red wood and warm light, the space looks still cozy. Besides, a reading or working area is placed at the bottom of the stairwell with a simple set of individual chair, desk, and a lamp; the wall nearby this area has multiple mirrors and it makes this area looks much larger and brighter. The wall around the stairwell has light blue finishing on the top, relatively dark blue at middle and a little bit white at the bottom of each floor with a separation made by wood as handrail. Above the handrail on the wall, multiple artwork is placed with frame made by same material and color. And this corporate with white frame window and part of white color from floor and white ceiling, make the whole stairwell looks bright and fancy.