Reception Room

The reception room is located at the east wing of the legation with the conference meeting space straddling rued’Amé rique.There is a small chamber connected to the north of the conference room, and a terrace that bridges the street to the south of the conference room. They are connected to a terrace that sits atop a single story building containing space that is used as classrooms, galleries, and reading rooms. There is a covered terrace fronted by an open, cusped-arch arcade at the west side of the terrace. Stairs descend from the terrace to the courtyard garden. 

This space was the conference meeting space during the legation’s history which holds plenty of historical stories. The legation is the first public property outside the U.S and it was a significant site for the diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and the Morocco. The history of this space as what they present on the wall starting from the history of Sultan Moulay Suliman up until World War Two. It gives us more than just the story. It tells who we are.

When we were visiting the legation, this space was being refurbished.