Library West Room

The West Room is most likely put under the contributing category. While holding important information, the room is a small space with a red and white tile floor with smooth white walls with modern light fixtures attached to darkly stained wood beams that run across the ceiling. It is difficult to tell what the wall is though since three out of the four walls are covered by bookshelves containing old books from many years ago. The fourth wall is also covered, but not by books. It is decorated with photos of visitors to the legations which consists of mostly American presidents. The shelves and cases are of the same woodworking that the furniture in the North Vestibule is. It is darkly stained with intricate carvings. The West Room also has a small closet coming off of it that is invisible until one is fully in the room. This closet is separated from the main part by a metal gate painted white. This room contains important documents from Morocco and Tangier’s winding history. The closet has the same style of bookshelves as its parent room, but the floor is of red and gray tile.