Library South Room

The South Room on the second level would be considered contributing to the character defining features for the American Legation. The horseshoe arch, with a more pointed arch shape, is one of the prominent defining features of the room. The arch is then closed off with two dark-stained wooden doors with metal studs. There are windows match the shape of the horseshoe arch on both sides of the door as well. These include a traditional rectilinear-shaped glass pane to close off the room. These are the two Moorish architectural features within the room. The flooring is a simple geometric, laminate tile in neutral brown tones.

There is a row of bookshelves that line the walls within the room. These bookshelves are of dark-stained wood and include glass cabinet doors that open vertically and slide safely into the bookcase. When looking at the ceiling, there is a repeated pattern of beams that run across the narrow portion of the room. They appear to be spaced about 24” apart from one another and are metal beams that are painted white to match the white paint on the walls.

There appears to be water damage along portions of the wall due to the humid environment. The paint traps in the moisture which causes the area to decay. The lighting within the South Room include two linear light fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling. All of the other furniture systems appear to be modern day office furniture made of metal materials.