The Reading Room would also be considered contributing, with a couple significant Moorish elements. In the center of the room hangs a detailed glass and perforated-metal lantern from the slightly-vaulted ceilings. Two wooden metal-studded doors close off the keyhole opening. That being said, the windows on the opposite wall of the door are simple glass panes. The floor is the same geometric, laminate tile seen in the north room. American-style furniture including a dining set, shelves, and cabinet fill the space. Brass American lamps are placed in one corner of the room and as the centerpiece of the table.

This room is in poor condition with water damage visible on the ceiling and large, extensive cracking visible in the corners of the plaster walls. This would require immediate attention to repair and repaint the walls as well as remediate water problems in the ceiling. Routine maintenance should include regular cleaning, oiling, and finishing of wood elements and regular cleaning of all other surfaces.