Library North Vestibule

The North Vestibule is entered through a standard doorway. This is the first impressionthat is given of the library space. The vestibule is a small area with red and white tiled floor, smooth painted white walls with a traditional lantern style light. The North Vestibule has an important status due to the fact it is the introduction to the main character, the Library. Through this room, one can see the sequence of keyhole doors that lead through the Central Hall andinto the South Room where many books are displayed. The furniture in the North Vestibule seems to be hand-carved wooden items such as a dresser and an end table. On the dresser are three golden candlesticks sans candles. There is little to none artwork in this space due to its lack of square footage, but what little wall space there is can be found dressed with a painting.Above the candlesticks is a painting of an old Moroccan castle with no detail about the origin.Above the end table were ink drawings of old Moroccan buildings with once again, no details.