Library Central Hall

Library Hall

The Central Hall is the main entry area to the library wing. Each of the main four doorways are characterized with the traditional horseshoe arch. Along with these four arches, there is an additional ogee arch that leads to a mechanical room for maintenance. The flooring consists of two different sizes and colors of ceramic tile. There is a larger yellow tile and smaller blue tiles with a white pattern surrounding them. These tiles are arranged in a pinwheel tile pattern. The baseboard connecting the floor to the wall is composed of a darker yellow ceramic tile. All of the walls consist of smooth painted stucco. When looking at the ceiling, there are repeated beams that travel across the ceiling plane around 6” apart from one another. These travel around the perimeter of the room because the center of the ceiling is open to the floor above to let the skylight illuminate the ground floor of the library. The three light fixtures consist of stained glass and pierced iron to form small chandelier pendants that are centered over each of the doorways and hung from ornate ironwork. Along the walls, portraits of people who have impacted the American Legation are showcased as artwork. There is also a winged chair and reading lamp in one of the corners of the room. Opposite this reading area is a diorama depicting one of the famous battles that involved Morocco.